What are Lightroom presets, and why are they not always perfect? — ItsMeNatalie

What is a preset? And why should I use it?

  • .dng — mostly used in the Lightroom Mobile application, but it’s OK to also import them to the desktop version
  • .xmp — mainly designed to be used in Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic, although I managed to use them in Lightroom Mobile on Android.
  • Extremely speed up batch editing and simplify the editing process — you can apply the same preset to many similar photos you took, for example at the walk on a sunny day. It won’t make every single image perfect, but it will definitely reduce the number of enhancements you will have to do, as they automatically adjust all the settings to them.
  • Helps to create and maintain consistent style on photos — using the same preset for many photos taken in the same (or a similar) location will help keep the same tonal style through all of them. You may still need to customize some of them, but the general mood will tie them all together.
  • Affordable — Lightroom presets are worth money considering how much time they will save you and how much easier your editing process will be. What’s more — you can create your own presets!

Why presets are not perfect and how to fix them?

Left: Unedited photo | Right: Photo with “Golden Leaves” preset
Left: Photo with applied “Golden Leaves” preset | Middle: Described changes | Right: Photo with applied changes

So are presets worth buying?



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